In her own young people, Meg is actually intimate and accessible to offering love


She seriously cherished the partnership she informed her date, exactly who one-day lost his lives. To store your, she sold her soul and you can considering servitude to help you Hades, Jesus of the Underworld. The lady date is actually restored, just like the arranged, however, he heartlessly kept Meg for another girl shortly thereafter. Since that time, she’s had problems thinking someone else and you may locating the courage to enjoy again. Which have end up being jaded and you can cynical down to the lady earlier, Meg upheld their avoid of your price by the assisting Hades for the their quest to take along the cosmos. Based on a brief change, however, Hades held some amount regarding sympathy for Meg’s predicament and you can is available to deducting age of the woman sentence considering the girl performances around.


Megara is a nature you to definitely arises from Greek mythology, the brand new girlfriend out-of Heracles. The Disney version broadly grabbed out of this by casting Megara as Hercules’ love notice, the newest Lois Way so you’re able to Hercules’ Superman. The girl identity try considerably driven because of the actress Barbara Stanwyck, especially the girl spots within the 1940s comedies such as the Ladies Eve and you may Golf ball away from Flame. [1]

Ken Duncan is Meg’s managing animator; brand new animator that was first given the assignment got leftover this new facility be effective getting DreamWorks at the beginning of creation on the Hercules. Gerald Scarfe and you can Duncan looked to Greek pottery to find out the shape out-of Meg’s body. Animators including looked to Susan Egan’s body gestures while in the recording instruction to incorporate nuance in order to Meg’s animation. [2]


Susan Egan began auditioning getting opportunities from inside the Disney mobile have given that early since the Beauty while the Beast, put out during the 1991. She are ironically cast once the Belle in the movies variation off Beauty as well as the Monster, a role you to definitely nearly tarnished the girl likelihood of portraying Meg; once the several characters were very vastly not the same as one another. Yet not, the newest casting team couldn’t see people right for the role regarding Meg and you may desired Egan to audition even after any early in the day doubt. Even in the event voice stars generally record its conversation individually, Egan indeed common the the woman tape lessons with Tate Really does Woods, who spoken Hercules and you will Hades, respectively. [1]


Meg was a free-demanding, independent, and quick-witted lady who’s also damage and you may bad on account of having this lady heart broken from the her boyfriend prior to now.

This woman is and additionally pessimistic, snarky, and you can world-exhausted, and make the lady atypical certainly Disney’s lead ladies. She performs enough of a brave part regarding motion picture in order to be classed given that a heroine, rather than just a romantic notice.

Meg provides a highly reduced thoughts of men generally while the much of the girl event with them was basically bad. If you are Hercules drops on her at first sight, far from shedding for him immediately, she seduces him along with her good looks, following she dismisses your once the dressed in a keen ‘innocent ranch boy routine’ and is not until they invest real time along with her that she begins to write thinking for your.

Meg try scared of levels, but overcomes this lady anxiety at the end of the film for the order to store Hercules.

Within their very first appointment in the episode Hercules as well as the Aetolian Amphora, Meg desires to forget about the lady old boyfriend-sweetheart (later on shown to be Prince Adonis) and suggests little so you’re able to zero remorse however, influence the young Hercules on the enabling her click this over here now inexpensive a container from Lethe water.

The woman gowns is close to identical within this episode, except that this lady skirt is a lot reduced. At the end of the latest occurrence, their recollections is actually cleaned, discussing just how she and Hercules found ‘for the initial time’ during the the film.